The ONE thing you MUST do when starting a new container garden

by Mark Ridsdill Smith on

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One of the first things I did when I started growing food on my balcony was to spend a lot of time and effort building a huge container out of wood. I later discovered that the place I’d built it got less sun than anywhere else on the balcony. Big mistake!

The lesson I learnt is that it’s valuable to observe and learn about your space before making a significant investment in time or materials.

Hedvig Murray is a permaculture teacher who moved home three years ago. Her new growing space was concrete, surrounded by walls on all sides. Not the most promising space in which to grow food. But typical of the sort of challenging space many of us face as urban container growers!

In the video below, Hedvig shares how one of the first things she did was to “observe and interact” with her space.  And how she used her observations to then plan what she was going to grow where – and ultimately to create a flourishing, low maintenance container garden.

I’m always amazed at how much there can be to learn about even the smallest of spaces.

If you haven’t spent time observing your space yet, I highly recommend you give it a go. I’d love to hear what you discover (or have discovered if you’ve already done this) in the comments below.


This is just one of several videos published this month in the Vertical Veg Club, the online club for container growers. The club’s theme this month is “principles to help you design a flourishing and productive container garden” . Observation is just one of these, albeit a key one. Join now to watch the others (and loads of other great content, too!).


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