How to grow pea shoots

July 13, 2012
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Pea shoots are great for small spaces – they grow fast, taste delicious and don’t need much sun. Easy to grow, they’re also perfect to try if you’re starting out. Seeing (and eating!) the fruits of your labour in just in two or three weeks is rewarding and motivating. Here, in simple steps (with video […]

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Fast, fun & healthy greens for winter

December 15, 2010

With unfriendly winter growing conditions, how can you continue to supply yourself with fresh green salad leaves? One solution is to  grow micro leaves inside. Micro leaves are simple, fun to grow and they taste delicious.  By using up old seed packets or dried seeds from health food shops you can do it at low […]

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The pea shooter: for healthy eating and keen cooks

May 8, 2010

Pea Shoots and bean shoots Has the day of the humble pea shoot arrived? Plucked from recent obscurity their tendrils are spreading fast – like in Nigel Slater’s recipes, Hugh Fearnley’s recipes and BBC 2’s Edible Garden programme. For the city grower lacking time and space, this is all a good thing. The pea shoot […]

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Will herb seed for cooking grow?

April 21, 2010

Five seed experiment Which herb seeds sold for cooking can you grow easily? And do their leaves taste any good? To find out, I went to my local health food shop, where they conveniently sell herbs loose – and splashed out 97 pence on a few grams of five herbs: coriander, fenugreek, white mustard, fennel, […]

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